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Why Sobriety Rules When Traveling

Russ is traveling with his family in Belize during this episode of The Russ Perry Show and so this week’s episode is all about the benefits of sobriety while you’re traveling. Russ discusses how he actually enjoys traveling more when he’s sober because he doesn’t have to deal with being hungover or tired and that makes him more focused on his overall experience. Watch the episode below!

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BONUS: No need to take notes – we transcribed the episode for you!

– Welcome to another episode of The Russ Perry Show. This is episode number 19 coming to you from Belize, slightly live. We had a little bit of live-streaming issues, so I’m happy to record this and publish it separately. But regardless, I’m glad you’re here, and in today’s episode, we’re gonna be talking about why traveling sober is the most awesome experience possible for any time you’re traveling.

Thank you so much. Kick back and relax, and enjoy this tropical edition of The Russ Perry Show. ♪ Let’s go ♪

– [Intro] There’s a new way of living to give you the unfair advantage in all areas of life, body, being, balance, and business. Follow my journey each week and learn firsthand why sober equals success. Welcome to The Russ Perry Show.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, we’re gonna get right into it. The main thing we’re talking about today is inspired by where I’m currently at right now, which is in Belize. I’m in San Pedro, an island city off of the coast of Belize.

If you don’t know, Belize is right south of Mexico on the Caribbean, home of the world’s second-largest great barrier reef. And I got here two days ago, and from the moment I touched down, we hit the ground running. We traveled across the country, visited Mayan ruins. We went out that evening in a local town, saw the sights, and got up the next morning and were able to go cave exploring, seeing ancient Mayan human sacrifices, which was incredible.

And this was all possible because I live a sober lifestyle. If I think back to when I used to travel, especially internationally, when you’re getting free drinks on a flight, there is no way in hell that I would’ve been able to do what I did had I had a hangover, or even if I just was drinking a little bit, but tired, and just like, ugh, that feeling that you have after travel.

Airlines have got it right. They know that travel sucks, and so what they try to do, is they try to supe you up and sedate you with alcohol so that you aren’t as aware of the crappiness that comes with most airline travel. But what that ends up doing, is it sucks away time and energy from you. It sucks away your experiences once you get to where you’re going.

Now, three reasons specifically that I love traveling sober. First is what I just shared with you. I am immediately able to get into whatever environment that I’m traveling to. So, if I’m traveling abroad, I immediately can jump into what I’m doing. I don’t have to recover, or I’m not as tired. I don’t have a hangover. I’m not just that feeling of, ugh, that comes with it. So, I can get out more out of my trips.

The second, because I’m married and I have kids, I am fully aware of what is going on any time I travel. There is never a moment in which I am less than who I should be when I am out and about with my family. Now, this could be at home, this could be internationally, but when I go out, the last thing I want is to be in a situation where something that could happen and I am inebriated, or I am too tired, or I’m hungover.

And so, this is critical for me. ‘Cause even if it’s something as innocent as my daughter falling down and getting hurt, which actually did happen, she scraped her knee. But let’s say it was more than that. I could immediately rise to the occasion and take action, and I don’t have to be fumbling around or, “Oh, it’s not that big of a deal,” or worst case scenario, not even aware something is wrong until it’s too late. So, the second reason is situational awareness.

Now, the third reason, ultimately, is really connected to the first, but it’s just more fun. Seriously, guys. My very first trip to Las Vegas, I loved being sober, sorry, my very first sober trip to Las Vegas, I loved it, because I was literally up and enjoying the entire trip from when I woke up until I went to bed. Everything was in focus, every memory, every experience. All of my senses were heightened. And there were no gray moments, there were no dull moments. There was no having to drink to relax. I was totally, totally plugged in.

This is only possible because, honestly, of meditation and being able to enjoy the moment without some external substance. So, those are three quick reasons why travel is awesome sober, and I highly, highly encourage you to try it, if you’re not already.

Your next trip, I dare you to make that a sober trip and to see what your experience is like. So, that is it for abbreviated Russ Perry Show today, everyone. Hello from Belize. We’ll talk to you next week.

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Take care, we’ll talk soon.

– [Outro] Check out past episodes and download custom action guides at ♪ Let’s go ♪

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