Episode 22: Sobriety is a Lifestyle

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Sobriety is a Lifestyle

Conversations about sobriety usually come with negative baggage. Mentioning Alcoholics Anonymous, or other recovery programs, tends to come with an air of judgment and embarrassment. And this makes having a conversation about sobriety difficult.

However, in this week’s episode of The Russ Perry Show, Russ explains how sobriety is about addition, not addiction while he makes his case that sobriety can be a lifestyle brand, similar to being vegan or wearing Nikes. Russ reveals that living a SOBR life actually adds to your life rather than subtracts from it. Sure, he concedes that he doesn’t really hang out in bars anymore, but he’s gained so much more in return. Listen now!

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– Alright everyone, welcome to another episode of the Russ Perry show. This is episode number 22 and today we are talking about actually a conversation that we’ve been having a long time inside the game of sobriety and the sober entrepreneur and with colleagues and friends around what it means to live in a, more of a lifestyle approach to sobriety.

And the thought, the idea kinda came up with actually a couple co-workers here at Design Pickle are vegan and we were having a conversation around veganism and being vegan has always been prevalent in just casual, whether it’s at an event or actually us trying to plan an event. Making sure dietary needs are accounted for.

But this brand of being vegan is very much a lifestyle for many people. No different than it’s a lifestyle to be into yoga or to have, you know being into paleo or Crossfit. And so sorta casually I actually said a while back, well sobriety is a lifestyle or sobriety can be a lifestyle. So in today’s episode, we’re gonna dive into that. We’re gonna kind of understand this whole concept of addiction and sobriety, not from the challenges of the hurt and the pains which we’ve talked about in the past, but actually from a new light on what it means to actually live in a alignment with sobriety being part of your lifestyle.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode of the Russ Perry Show.

– [Intro] ♪ Let’s go ♪ There’s a new way of living to give you the unfair advantage in all areas of life. Body, being, balance, and business. Follow my journey each week and learn firsthand why sober equals success. Welcome to the Russ Perry Show.

So we’ve said it many times in this conversation that we’ve been having every week here on the Russ Perry Show around sobriety. But it’s this delicate balance, right, of hey, here’s an opportunity or here’s a way for you to totally change your life. But there’s this heavy, serious baggage around even the terms addiction or sober.

If you’re new to the game or if you’ve recently entered the game about wanting to live a more sober life, many of you hear about programs like Alcoholics Anonymous or a program that I was involved in Celebrate Recovery. Now, these programs by far are powerful and they’ve changed millions of lives around the world. But it’s a heavy experience if you go to them.

You’re involved with people who’ve been through some serious trauma in their lives. And part of the healing process is going through that trauma, sharing that trauma, and coming out of that with a new perspective and the tools and the kits to live sober, ideally.

Now today’s conversation is not about the effectiveness of these programs. But when you are involved, it sometimes kind of, you’re embarrassed to talk about it. Or you’re embarrassed to let other people know that you’re going to AA. There’s like this shadow and this stigma that sits on top of you because immediately there is a brand, albeit maybe a judgment around what that means if you’re going to that place.

How do I know? Because I judged the shit outta people in my own life prior to identifying as myself as an alcoholic. If I heard about someone going to AA, there’d be kinda this like, oh, there must be something seriously wrong with them. Or they can’t handle their alcohol. They’re too out of control. Wow, I’m glad I’m not like them.

Well, the joke’s on me because guess who was at AA pretty shortly after my decision to get sober? You’re right. It was me. And what I found there was a lot of people just like me. So the reality was, I was just judging, you know, and hiding from the truth about my own life when I was judging the people inside of AA. But it doesn’t remove this idea or this stigma that exists around these programs.

And now there are even more intense recovery programs. Outpatient, inpatient recovery programs. There’s, you know, facilities where you can go and live at for time or you do arts and crafts and yoga and try to get sober. I’ve never been to one of those. They kinda sound like a really nice experience, to be honest with you. Being able to get away from the kiddos and make beaded necklaces and meditate all day.

But, what I imagined and when I had this conversation casually inside the offices here at Design Pickle is like, what if sobriety was a lifestyle? What if it wasn’t this, aw man my life is now becoming something where I have to get rid of this thing? I can’t drink anymore. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t live this way anymore. And all these negative I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. And instead, it becomes a positive.

It becomes an addition to your life. It becomes this new way of living where actually by deciding to live sober, you actually open up more possibilities and you actually open up more things that you now can do than you could never do when you were struggling with or had the substances or addictions in your life. There’s this concept. It’s addition, not addiction.

Let me say that again. Addition, not addiction.

Living sober, really if you do the math which we talked about in last episode, previous episode, adds so much more to your life. It does not take away. And if you’ve ever thought about quitting whatever addiction you might have, there’s probably a real sense of loss that goes on in your mind around the conse-, like should I quit. Should I not? Well, man what about holidays? What about New Year’s? What about out with the buddies? What about just kicking back and relaxing on a Saturday afternoon or watching the game?

You feel because it’s created in your mind, that there’s gonna be a sense of loss. That the lifestyle of sobriety is actually that where you’re living less than with when you had the substance or addiction in your life. But the truth, backed by anyone who’s quit some sort of addiction, is simple. It’s that you gain from that decision. Period.

Now, I don’t go out to the bars. I don’t go out and participate in the habits and behaviors. So yes, I’ve lost those in my life. But what I’ve gained in time, in money, in energy, in focus, in relationships, in trust, in health, in wellness, in every category possible, is so much more than the small incremental social obligations that I have lost.

And so when we come back around to this sober is a lifestyle conversation, we look at lifestyle brands as a whole, like Nike. I’ve been really into Nike shoes lately. Actually, I just bought these green Nike shoes. Can you get these? Are these in the shot? These are, I don’t even know. They’re Air Force Ones. Actually Alex inside the office, he’s way more into shoes than I am, I thank him for my recent addiction to shoes and Nikes.

But the point is is that it’s a brand, it’s a lifestyle brand. When I say I’m into Nikes, it’s not like someone kicks back and is like, aw man they must have really been into Adidas before. Glad they’re not into Adidas anymore. That must have been a hard life for them. Whoa, I don’t know about them. It’s not this, well what were they like before when I say I’m into Nikes. It was like, cool.

And either you get it like Alex, and he’s really into Nikes. Or maybe you’re just like my wife and you’re excited I’m just wearing more than one pair of shoes all the time and they’re not super dirty.

So the lifestyle brand has a deep positive connection to some people and then it’s irrelevant to others. But there’s not this other side to the brand most of the time.

I guess you could argue with some brands, there is a polarity to it. Let’s say Apple products. Apple products have a deep lifestyle brand. You have people who are really into it and then you have people who are really opposed to ’em. But at the same time, it’s a lifestyle brand.

So whether you’re into ’em or you’re not, we’re talking about how you run your life, how you engage. What you do, the way, the devices you have. How you communicate.

And so when I look at sobriety, I’m like this is a lifestyle brand. Period. Me choosing to live and be sober isn’t a moral judgment. It’s not a religious judgment. It’s not a court-mandated thing. Although sometimes it can be. It is simply me choosing a lifestyle. That’s it.

And so when people drink around me or smoke weed or whatever people get into, I’m not there to judge who they are because you know, maybe they’re not addicted to that. Maybe that’s not their issue or challenge. But I argue we are all addicted to something.

And so you can live a sober life because all it is is a lifestyle choice to not allow that addiction to control you any longer. And who doesn’t want that, right? Who doesn’t want the freedom and the focus and the power that comes with being in charge of the habits, being in charge of the way you live your life so that you’re eliminating the destructive ones and you’re including the habits that build you up.

So, coming soon to a site and a brand near you is gonna be an entire lifestyle focus around this conversation of being sober. Right now the only thing I have is this amazing book, The Sober Entrepreneur which you can get for free. Just pay for shipping whether it’s domestic or international. We’ll ship anywhere. Soberentrepreneur.com.

And you can get that book and it’s talking about my journey in adopting this sober lifestyle. But where I’m gonna be moving the brain to is allowing this sobriety and sober as a brand to exist on its own. So just like being into yoga or Crossfit or being really into Nikes, you can be really into sober. Whatever that version of it is for you.

And it’s something you’re proud of. You can wear a hat or a T-shirt. Who knows, maybe we’ll do shoes at some point in time. I found a guy, again thanks to Alex inside of our office, that makes custom Nikes. You can make your own ones. So maybe there’ll be a Design Pickle or a SOBR brand Nike down the road.

The point is, this is my vision for the brand and I invite you to come along for the ride. Because everyone who chooses a life of sobriety, it’s not getting rid of an addiction. It’s getting into the mindset of addition, adding into whatever it is into your life so that you have more. Sobriety is about addiction, oh sorry let me correct that. Sobriety is about addition, not addiction.

I’ll say it again.

Sobriety is about addition, not addiction. And that will be the game that we’re playing here. It’s so new I’m even practicing saying it with you here on the live stream.

So, that wraps up today’s very focused episode of the Russ Perry Show, episode number 22. Again, get the book soberentrepreneur.com, follow me on Instagram, and I invite you every single week on Tuesdays. We stream this live talking about this conversation of sobriety and why sober equals success. And if you need to check out past episodes, transcripts, and our action guides, just head over to RussPerry.co/show to get it all there. Take care and we’ll see you next week.

– [Outro] Check out past episodes and download custom action guides at RussPerry.co/show. ♪ Let’s Go. ♪

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