Why Sober Equals Success

Russ had a meeting with the renowned podcaster John Lee Dumas, the host of Entrepreneurs on Fire, over the weekend and it helped shape this episode. Thanks to JLD, sober equals success is the new tagline for the Russ Perry Show and this is the first episode of the pivot to the show.

Russ expands on the idea that sobriety gives you an advantage of this game of life and talks about what addiction means to him.

Addiction is not all bad. Some addictions are additive, some are subtractive, but addictions can easily digress from being additive to become subtractive if you aren’t aware of them. This episode and the accompanying Action Guide will guide you towards doubling down on your additive habits (while not digressing them into subtractive) as well as reducing or eliminating subtractive habits from your life. Join the conversation below!

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BONUS: No need to take notes – we transcribed the episode for you!

– Well, it’s that time again, everybody. Welcome to another episode of the Russ Perry show. This is an important episode. Not only is it episode number six, but today marks the first episode where we’re actually going to be launching these on a podcast as well. Why? Well, not everyone can tune in randomly on a Tuesday afternoon and watch the show, so we wanted to give another channel to each and every person to listen to or get subscribed to, so if you’re listening to this on the podcast, thank you so much.

You actually have a big thank you to not myself, but a guy I met with this past weekend which we’ll be talking about this show. His name is John Lee Dumas. He has a huge podcast called EOFire, but him and I had a great weekend last weekend. We talked a lot about this and we also talked a lot about what the topic of the show is today, the title of the show, Why Sober Equals Success. So we’ll get into it in a minute.

[Intro] Welcome to the Russ Perry show. There’s a new way of living to give you the unfair advantage in all areas of life. Body, being, balance, and business. Follow my journey each week and learn firsthand why sober equals success. Welcome to the Russ Perry show.

You gotta give me a countdown, dude. I can’t, I don’t know. I’m not watching you. Sorry. Usually, I get a countdown for the intro. But we’re back. So, in case you haven’t noticed, this is a live show, everybody. The new subtitle for the show, thanks to the man, John Lee Dumas, is Why Sober Equals Success.

Now this show, for the first fifteen episodes has been kind of a wandering rant journey of mine and I like to look at that as just getting reps in. With anything in life, the more practice, the more reps that we get, the better we’re gonna get.

But this past weekend, I flew into San Diego, spent a day with John Lee Dumas. If you haven’t checked out his work, he’s a phenomenal guy, way cooler actually, in person, like, when you meet someone who does, he does a daily podcast that’s called EOFire, and there’s a personality for the podcast and especially for daily podcasts, they have to be very routine, very much the same. You’re running a factory of content, and frankly, you’re just kind of like, you can get kinda over it.

But I actually met with John Lee Dumas, invested in a one day program with him, and loved it. The dude is real as real can get and we talked a ton about personal branding. So the topic of this show, the Russ Perry show, came up, and he basically blasted me. Not too harsh. He started the whole session of our full day together and said Russ, I love your content, I love your style, you look super handsome. I don’t know, maybe he didn’t say that, but he did say this, he said Russ, it’s just generic. It’s just vanilla. You get out there, you talk about stuff, but how are you differentiating yourself for the rest of the podcast, the rest of the shows, the rest of the content that’s out there? And truth be told, I wasn’t.

I was just coming in here every week, having a great time, you know, connecting with a lot of you who I know more personally, but not delivering a consistent message every week that drives forward a topic and that can really allow someone to dive deep in a topic. And when I went back, and I looked, mentally, when I took inventory of the content that I consume on a regular basis, he was absolutely right. Like, all of the shows, all of them, even from the fiction to non-fiction. The podcasts, to TV, to movies, there’s a really specific reason, uh, what I’m gonna get out of that I know.

And so, credit’s due where credit’s due. John Lee Dumas came up with the tagline Why Sober Equals Success. And so that’s gonna be the new theme for the Russ Perry show. We are literally going to talk about sobriety every week. Sometimes it’s gonna be super direct. We’re gonna talk about my past journey. How I’ve been sober now for over four years. We’re gonna talk about my wife’s journey. Why she’s sober. Maybe even bring her on the show.

We’re gonna talk about the tactics and the tips that I take, or that I have every single week around, and being sober, but ultimately, not just about being sober. Why, because of my sobriety, I have been able to crush it in every area of life. So there’s gonna be a little bit of a repeat, too. Like we talked about meditation not too long ago. That episode won’t be on the podcast.

So we’re gonna come back to meditation, but talk about how, if you use meditation, it can replace drinking when you’re stressed and you’re frustrated and you want to go to the drink, you want to get after it, you wanna relieve yourself, ah, I’ve had a long day after work, I’m gonna go get a drink. 10 minutes of meditation can replace that activity and you will not only avoid any negative consequences from drinking, but you’ll actually build yourself up in your mind in a way that’s unlike ever before.

So the show format will be pretty much the same. An intro, me monologuing quite a bit. We have the tablet still, which I’m not quite sure how we’re gonna incorporate that during the podcast, knowing that there’s going to be an audio-only version of it and of course every week, there’s gonna be an action guide. But these action guides are going to be directly designed for you to open up a path of sobriety and ultimately tie that sobriety into a massive success.

Now time out. If you’re watching this and you’re like, Russ, dude, I love your content but I don’t vibe with this because look, I’ve never had a problem, never been addicted, I’ve never had an issue before, well then, first of all, bullshit. You are a liar. We are all addicts. We are all addicted to something. And there is not a single person in existence that could not benefit from a sober mind.

Now, what is a sober mind? To me, it is a clear state of existence. It’s an authentic state of existence. It’s you being in a place where you are not allowing external people or substances or even the thought patterns of your own mind to suppress and push down who you should become. So your addiction may not be alcohol. If it is, well, awesome, because that’s where I have the most experience. But I was also addicted to a failing business. I was also addicted to avoiding tough topics with my wife. I was addicted to the substance, and even today, I’m addicted to certain things. I’m addicted probably a little more than I should be to social media. On there just being distracted, wasting time.

I might be addicted to a TV show or sci-fi show. Now those addictions aren’t necessarily as destructive, but ultimately the conversation and the outcome of sobriety is the same. Let’s remove those things and instead insert positive things that help build us up. So this is gonna be the show, and we’re gonna put this as many places as we can.

So you’re watching the live stream right now, you might watch the YouTube replay, we’re gonna have this on my site, which we’re updating as we speak, russperry.co, if you’re not on our list, go to russperry.co right now and get on the list so you get updated with new episodes, and then, of course, we’re gonna do the podcast where we can deliver a weekly dose explaining and showing why sober equals success into your world every single week.

So I’ll wrap up with one conversation I’ve had twice today, and this is again, expanding the conversation of addiction. So for those of you, again, who are like I don’t know if I’m gonna vibe with this, here’s the thing. We have two types of addictions in our lives. We have addictions that are additive. They build us up. And we have addictions that are subtractive. They put us in a negative place.

The additive habits and the additive things that we can be addicted to could easily become negative. A great example of this is exercise. Exercise is one of those things that, for the most part, can be positive. You can use exercise as a way to relieve stress, improve body chemicals, get outside, break up the routine, get some clarity, I even read a book about a monk who really refers to running as meditation. But the problem is, is that if we’re using exercise to be a crutch to avoid things, it moves into the negative or AKA subtractive category, and I see a lot of people who get into endurance and extreme sports who will train and train and train for hours and hours and hours a day, but they’re broke, or their marriage is crumbling, or they don’t know their kids, or they’re saying hey, I’m gonna run, but like, I’ll get to those things afterwards. I’ll get to those things later.

And so exercise is what normally is a positive thing for you, shifts over to this negative. It’s usually adding to yourself, but now it’s taking away, and I will go out and say alcohol is the same thing. For many, I’m not included in this bucket, it can be totally fine. You could have a drink or two and it could not necessarily derail you or take you, you know, to deep dark places. I would though, argue, and I would not say that’s totally additive. Not much. Unless you’re like, a brewer and you’re making beer and you’re selling beer and you’re like, included, it builds your life that way, alcohol is, for the most part, either neutral or subtractive. It doesn’t actually move you forward much, but it does take away.

And by moving forward, I mean move forward permanently, because a lot of these things will give us a temporary positive boost. Alcohol, the easiest one, is you’re more outgoing, your inhibitions are lower. That front, frontal cortex part of your brain that judges, that has the rational part of you which determines if you should or shouldn’t do, the voice that says yeah, good idea, oh hey, bad idea, that gets suppressed. And so you tend to consider yourself more outgoing or more courageous when you drink. But at a moment’s notice that’s gone, and even in a quicker moment, that can turn into disastrous, and I don’t have enough time to tell many of those stories.

So alcohol, for the most part, is like I said. Neutral or it is subtractive. And what we need to do throughout life and how we actually win at life, is ensuring that our addictions, our addictive personality, are channeled and put into the positive and to the additive things that build us up. And whereas the things that are subtractive, the habit that takes us away from becoming more authentic or being the better version of ourselves, we want to minimize or eliminate those things.

Back to my week, or weekday, or weekend day, with John Lee Dumas. I flew in on a Saturday, I flew out on a Saturday night. He rarely drinks, he said four times a year, and it shows. The dude is a machine. From the moment I landed in his office to the moment I left to get in an Uber to go to the airport, we were going and talking nonstop. Me, same thing. I hit it hard, I was up early, I was there, I got back late and I was up early on Sunday morning to spend time with my kids.

There’s no possible way I could’ve done that suppressed or being pulled down by the subtractive addiction or habits of drinking. Same for him. He even told me that two nights before, he did go out with his friends, one of the quarterly occurrences he goes out and drinks, because he originally spent a lot of time in the San Diego area.

He said he chose not to even let that influence him at all the day before, Friday, even though he had another opportunity because he wanted to be on top of his game. So the ultimate performers that we admire, that we aspire to, that we look after, have mastered the game of what is positive and adding to my life and I’m gonna double down on those things, and what is subtractive, what is removing from my life, and I’m gonna minimize or reduce those things.

So this is gonna be it for our 16th video conversation and first podcast conversation on the Russ Perry show, and our new focus, understanding and unpacking why sober equals success. So I hope you turn, tune in each week. I obviously gotta get a little bit better here knowing this is going to be going on audio. Usually, the live version I’m like ah, whatever, I fumbled a word or whatever. I’ll just keep going.

But yes, I hope you turn in every week and you’re able to gain one valuable insight on this conversation of sobriety and being able to tie that into your own success. We’ll see you next episode, or next week if you’re tuning in on the live stream. Don’t forget to get subscribed. We’ll have a CTA here soon, but now we’re hosting these on the new site, russperry.co/show which you should be able to access shortly, if not by the time this episode goes live. Take care, talk to you next time.

– [Announcer] Check out past episodes and download custom action guides at russperry.co/show

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