So I Bought A Company…

Late last year, an attractive opportunity surfaced with a tool we use and love every day, YesInsights. The software is a dead simple way to collect customer feedback, even NPS scores. If you are a Design Pickle client, you have received many emails built with YesInsights.

By the way, thank you for always responding to every… single… one 😉

One afternoon I was emailing the founders, and through our conversation, I uncovered they were headed off to different projects, unsure of what to do with the tool.

As someone who preaches against the dangers of S.O.B.S. (shiny object business syndrome), red alert alarms went off. The last thing I needed was to get involved with another business, especially seeing how well things have been going with the Pickle. Despite the risk, I couldn’t stop thinking about…

a) How much we used and loved the tool and,
b) How great it would be to share this tool with our clients

Over the course of a few more emails and phone calls, it became clear YesInsights was on the market.

To buy, or not to buy. That was the question.

How would I decide?

How could a true SaaS tool fit into our graphic design world?

Ultimately the decision came down to looking at Design Pickle’s mission statement: To be the most helpful creative company in the world.

Could YesInsights be helpful to our existing clients? You better believe it!

The decision was clear, and we kicked off the legal process for the acquisition. Big thanks to the YesInsights team for being a great crew throughout the process.

A month or so later, the transaction is now complete. I am officially a true entrepreneur managing multiple businesses. I have to admit, trying to balance the demands of two operations is a major challenge.

At Design Pickle, I am focused on building better teams and systems. Projects on deck include:

  • Hiring in Scottsdale for a marketing and development position
  • Launching new training programs for our designers in the Philippines
  • Rolling out our partnership with Getty Images
  • Supporting an external development team who is building JarHQ

At YesInsights, well, it’s Deja Vu all over again. We are in startup mode and days away from launching the service to our existing clients and prospects.

What I am learning (at a rapid pace) is how I must continue to invest in my teams and the strategic plan everyone is operating within. I don’t naturally want to operate from a plan, but at the speed we are moving, the entire wagon train careens off a cliff unless there is a clear path to follow.

My next move is adopting the Monk Mode Morning to help combat time management challenges with the increased load. We will see how regular morning blocks of time, unplugged from anything except creation will help me navigate these new entrepreneurial waters.

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