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The Russ Perry Show

Episode 21: Do The Math

Do The Math Time is our most valuable asset. And no matter what your addiction is, one thing always holds true: Addictions drain your time. It’s startling figuring out just how much time we spend giving in to our addictions. In this episode, Russ breaks down how you can calculate how much time you spend on

Episode 20: Signs You Are Addicted

Signs You Are Addicted Russ discusses some of the more subtle signs that you are addicted to something – whether it be substances or something else. He explains how addiction becomes an outlet to avoid negative consequences you don’t want to experience. Maybe you don’t want to have a tough conversation with your wife so you

Episode 19: Why Sobriety Rules When Traveling (Live from Belize)

Why Sobriety Rules When Traveling Russ is traveling with his family in Belize during this episode of The Russ Perry Show and so this week’s episode is all about the benefits of sobriety while you’re traveling. Russ discusses how he actually enjoys traveling more when he’s sober because he doesn’t have to deal with being

Episode 18: The Consequences of Addiction

The Consequences of Addiction In this episode of The Russ Perry Show, Russ unpacks how dangerous addiction can be to your long-term goals. Russ leads the conversation about how addiction, whether to substances or other dangerous activities such as pornography, can short wire your brain to focus on short-term desires to the detriment of your