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Learn Why Sober Equals Success

Join Russ Perry – the Founder of Design Pickle and author of The Sober Entrepreneur – as he shows why sober equals success.

In his weekly show, you’ll learn what it means to live a sober lifestyle and how this lifestyle has fundamentally changed all areas of his life: from the inner workings of multiple startups to his role as a husband, leader, and father.

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Episode 23: Do Hard Things, Change Tough Habits

Do Hard Things, Change Tough Habits Our daily habits are the most important factor in determining whether or not we hit all of our life’s goals and outcomes. And as such, they are incredibly hard to change. Every habit that we have can fall into one of three categories: additive, neutral, or subtractive. Ideally, we want to maximize our additive habits and minimize our subtractive habits, but that’s easier said than done. In this episode, Russ explains how you need to radically change your destination in order to successfully demolish… Read More

Episode 22: Sobriety is a Lifestyle

Sobriety is a Lifestyle Conversations about sobriety usually come with negative baggage. Mentioning Alcoholics Anonymous, or other recovery programs, tends to come with an air of judgment and embarrassment. And this makes having a conversation about sobriety difficult. However, in this week’s episode of The Russ Perry Show, Russ explains how sobriety is about addition, not addiction while he makes his case that sobriety can be a lifestyle brand, similar to being vegan or wearing Nikes. Russ reveals that living a SOBR life actually adds to your life rather than… Read More

Episode 21: Do The Math

Do The Math Time is our most valuable asset. And no matter what your addiction is, one thing always holds true: Addictions drain your time. It’s startling figuring out just how much time we spend giving in to our addictions. In this episode, Russ breaks down how you can calculate how much time you spend on your addictions and how the most compelling reason to give up your addiction is often to reclaim your time and regain control of your life. It is our most valuable asset after all. Watch below!… Read More

Episode 20: Signs You Are Addicted

Signs You Are Addicted Russ discusses some of the more subtle signs that you are addicted to something – whether it be substances or something else. He explains how addiction becomes an outlet to avoid negative consequences you don’t want to experience. Maybe you don’t want to have a tough conversation with your wife so you go out for a few drinks with your buddies. Or maybe the thought of quitting your nightmare job and starting your own business causes too much stress. So instead of dealing with that stress by tackling… Read More

Episode 19: Why Sobriety Rules When Traveling (Live from Belize)

Why Sobriety Rules When Traveling Russ is traveling with his family in Belize during this episode of The Russ Perry Show and so this week’s episode is all about the benefits of sobriety while you’re traveling. Russ discusses how he actually enjoys traveling more when he’s sober because he doesn’t have to deal with being hungover or tired and that makes him more focused on his overall experience. Watch the episode below! Subscribe to catch the latest episode! Enter your email address to download this week’s Action Guide & get each… Read More

Episode 18: The Consequences of Addiction

The Consequences of Addiction In this episode of The Russ Perry Show, Russ unpacks how dangerous addiction can be to your long-term goals. Russ leads the conversation about how addiction, whether to substances or other dangerous activities such as pornography, can short wire your brain to focus on short-term desires to the detriment of your long-term goals and outcomes. Russ explains that dealing with stress is usually the motive behind these actions. And he stresses that the way to find a healthy resolution to these problems is not to sedate,… Read More