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Learn Why Sober Equals Success

Join Russ Perry – the Founder of Design Pickle and author of The Sober Entrepreneur – as he shows why sober equals success.

In his weekly show, you’ll learn what it means to live a sober lifestyle and how this lifestyle has fundamentally changed all areas of his life: from the inner workings of multiple startups to his role as a husband, leader, and father.

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Episode 18: The Consequences of Addiction

The Consequences of Addiction In this episode of The Russ Perry Show, Russ unpacks how dangerous addiction can be to your long-term goals. Russ leads the conversation about how addiction, whether to substances or other dangerous activities such as pornography, can short wire your brain to focus on short-term desires to the detriment of your long-term goals and outcomes. Russ explains that dealing with stress is usually the motive behind these actions. And he stresses that the way to find a healthy resolution to these problems is not to sedate,… Read More

Episode 17: Why I Quit Drinking

Why I Quit Drinking Russ explains the reason he decided to give up drinking for good. He explains how his commitment to his family outweighed the risk of drinking – even though he did enjoy drinking. He’ll take you through his thought process as well as the lightbulb moment he had in October 2013 while reading to his daughter about his family that made him never want to drink again. Perhaps your not addicted to drinking, but you’re addicted to something else (everybody is). Join the conversation below and download… Read More

Episode 16: Why Sober Equals Success

Why Sober Equals Success Russ had a meeting with the renowned podcaster John Lee Dumas, the host of Entrepreneurs on Fire, over the weekend and it helped shape this episode. Thanks to JLD, sober equals success is the new tagline for the Russ Perry Show and this is the first episode of the pivot to the show. Russ expands on the idea that sobriety gives you an advantage of this game of life and talks about what addiction means to him. Addiction is not all bad. Some addictions are additive,… Read More

Episode 15: Expand Your Place Part 2: Meditation

Expand Your Place Part 2: Meditation In the first-ever sequel to the Russ Perry Show, Russ expands on the idea of expanding your place from episode 13. Instead this time, the conversation is all about how meditation can expand your (mental) place. There are many misconceptions about the practice of meditation. It’s not about eliminating thoughts from your mind, rather it’s about not getting attached to certain thoughts. When you practice meditation, you’re training your brain to be able to focus and maintain that focus over long periods of time…. Read More

Episode 14: Daily Habits to Create Power

Daily Habits to Create Power In this week’s episode of the Russ Perry Show, Russ elaborates on how forming additive habits allow him to create power in each area of his life. In order to create power, you need to develop habits that will bring you closer to your goals each and every day. He also discusses the game he plays every day to ensure he is hitting his targets – which you can download in this week’s Action Guide. Tune in below and make sure you download this week’s… Read More

Episode 13: Expand Your Place

Expand Your Place In this week’s episode, Russ breaks exciting news – Design Pickle is getting a new office – and uses that as a catalyst to dive into a deeper discussion. Russ gets theoretical while he expands on the idea that if you stretch slightly past your level of comfortability in terms of finances, it inspires you to grow and adapt to your new style of living. Tune in below and download and complete the corresponding Action Guide to embed this mindset into your daily life. Subscribe to catch the… Read More