Do You Want Change or Do You Create Change?

Change requires a simple willingness to want something different.

It’s hard to inspire change.

Guaranteeing a change in anything except yourself is impossible.

During my adult life famous politicians and technologies have promised change, but when it comes down to it – the ability to change resides in your hands – exclusively.

Voting is trending big time today. For those in the United States, today is a big national election dubbed the Mid-Term Elections.

Those who do not vote are content with the way things are headed.
Those who do vote are casting intent for a direction they prefer.

But does voting change much? It’s hard to believe it does the higher up the political chain you go. At least not without a lot of money to fuel your vision for change.

I’d argue, today, the most surefire way to create change is to start a for-profit business. They key term here is surefire. You can also create surefire garbage with a for-profit business.

Can you create a significant impact with a non-profit? You bet. It’s just slower, and arguably a lot harder.

Recently in the New York Times, an article published by Andre Ross Sorkin outlined the new trend in business mixing with politics on a deep level, beyond advancing bottom line profits.

It’s an exciting time indeed.

I’m not sure if I ever trust the intents of other companies, especially those riddled with funding to, in turn, recoup an immense ROI on those dollars, but I do have hope that we can leverage business as a platform for sustainable change.

I’m thinking about this a lot for the next ten years of Design Pickle.

How do we become the gold standard for procuring design, but more importantly how do we go about changing the lives of all designers, globally?

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