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Setting Vision

Within my circles (both social and professional), having a grand vision is a personal badge of honor. Right around now (January) we talk about how much we want to grow, change, and accomplish within any given year. Business celebrities are our inspiration, always marching towards something narrow and epic. Elon Musk – Go to Mars. Gary Vaynerchuk – Buy the New York Jets. Ray Kurzweil – Live forever. Where there is no vision, the people perish – Proverbs 29:18 I have to say, over the years I’ve fallen a little… Read More

New Jar Features — Queue Updates + Weekly Reports

For those of you who don’t know, JAR is the name of the primary software behind Design Pickle, the unlimited graphic design service I founded. Like a pickle jar. Get it? JAR also stands for Just. A. Request. Product updates come in a few flavors. On the one hand, you have the beauty and grace of an Apple product launch, on the other hand, you have the mind-numbing barf of a Github update. Design Pickle updates are much like a magical fox sneaking through the woods. If you are careful, you… Read More

Creating Human Connection

From the early days of Design Pickle, there has been a lot of attention put towards our international design team. While most people are indifferent as to where their designer lives, many people express strong feelings against the idea of working with someone outside of the US. Last year this issue came up enough I took to my blog to cover the topic. In my article, The Design Industry Is Shifting. Don’t Be Left Behind; I explored the idea of how innovation caused shifts within the labor force and recognized such… Read More

The Design Industry Is Shifting. Don’t Be Left Behind.

About once every two months a negative comment directed at Design Pickle emerges. Usually, in the form of a Facebook or blog comment, they take on the (roughly) same argument that somehow we are destroying the sanctity of graphic design with our business model. For example: Here’s a comment after my interview on the Less Doing podcast: Here’s a Twitter post: @arimeisel #Ep183 Cheap outsourced design & architecture may be “good” for biz owners but good for USA designers? That makes ZERO sense. — Brad Henderson (@bighowdy) September 18, 2015 And here’s… Read More