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The most important decision you can make is the first decision no matter what decision you are currently struggling with. We rarely know if any given decision is right or wrong. But quickly making a decision will not only inform you if it was right or wrong, but you’ll also be able to use the results of that decision to clarify your future decisions. Without making that first decision quickly, you have no way to get feedback or results to inform your future decisions.

In this episode of The Russ Perry Show, Russ explains how this mindset evolved from a college party rallying cry to motivate his future decisions in business and life. And how it has repeatedly guided him to creating the business and life that he wants. Watch it now!

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BONUS: No need to take notes – we transcribed the episode for you!

This week, well, it was a bit insane. I took two trips that weren’t even in my calendar 7 days ago going from one of the most southern parts of the United States and 72-hours later flew up to one of the most northern parts of the United States.

So what’s the deal? What am I up to?

Good question. Let’s recap the week and I’ll fill you in.

The first stop was sunny Southern California to visit my friend, Warrior brother, and soon-to-be-business partner, Nick Long.

Nick is a tremendous dude, committed family man, and a entrepreneurs’ entrepreneur. I met Nick in Laguna Beach doing planks on the PCH. This unorthodox welcome was the kick off to Warrior Week 22 – a transformational experience delivered by Wake Up Warrior.

Burpees, logs, and lots of water later, Nick and I sealed a friendship that runs deep to this day. What I admire in Nick, is lacking in leadership today.

An unapologetic commitment to following his heart.

Nick can be pumped up about nachos or politics, cost per acquisition or children’s non-profits, he flies full force into everything he does. Nick does not consult Wikipedia. Nick does not go back to reference top business books. At best, Nick fires of a few texts, and then? He gets to work.

I bring up Nick – because he embodies the ethos of a phrase I’ve used for a long time:


To understand this, let me take you back to college.


Arizona State University

I had a family member who was a pilot on United Airlines. This gave me full access to flight benefits, and I most certainly took advantage of them!

Fast forward 4 years to graduation and I had friendships and social roots around the world. Philadelphia, Chicago, Amsterdam, the United Kingdom.

But something terrible happened when I graduated. I lost the flight benefits.

Yup. These benefits were only valid until I was 26 or I graduated college, whichever came first. So, with my newly minted Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies, I entered into real adulthood and found myself…

Very broke.

This left me in quite the pickle.

A global friend network and zero capital to finance my adventures.

Social networks were just breaking out of the awkward pre-teen years and as a single guy, getting out of AZ as much as possible was high on my priority list.

One week, I scraped up enough money to head out to the East Coast. After I booked the ticket, I was broke. Legit broke. No money in my Wells Fargo free checking account. You know that account your parents are STILL the co-signer on? That account.

But slowly something magical begun to occur.

As soon as I had the ticket confirmed, any conflict or obstacle for going melted away.

  • I landed an extra freelancing client.
  • My day-job had no issues with the time off.

Over the next few years, I repeated this strategy. If I could just get enough money to book ticket, I was set.

As I grew older, and my hair got shorter, this concept really began to take shape in my personal and professional life.

Meeting my wife Mika, at the time just a beautiful girl I wanted to date, I knew for us to have anything serious, I needed to not worry about the details and just ask her out. AKA Book the date ticket.

Not to digress too much, but I want to here’s a quick training interlude. It’s important you understand this concept of Decision Velocity.

I now call this decision-making velocity.

How fast can you get through decisions? ‘Cause remember, we don’t know if our decisions are right or not. We will never know.

But if we can get to the point where we can make that decision, and then make another one based off that, and make another one based off of that, we now start to have real feedback.

So authenticity increases our decision making velocity.

When we don’t know what we want, it decreases our decision making velocity. You just get stuck. You’re not sure. You’re like, I don’t know, should we do this? Should we sign up for this? I don’t know.

Just do it. Just get going. You need to know. ‘Cause when you make a decision, what happens? You get feedback and results.

So what, then, can you do? You can make another decision. And get feedback and results. And make another decision. Look I just made decisions quickly, and then make new decisions off of those decisions, and made new decisions off of those decisions.

You can’t do that when you’re not certain.

What can you be certain about?

You can be certain about what you want.

Ok, and we’re back!

Now we now understand why decisions are important, but also just making them quickly is the key to getting what we want.. But here’s the secret trick:

The most important decision you can make? IT’S THE FIRST DECISION!

And so, Book the ticket grew from a college party rallying cry to a motivating concept in business and life.

And take a minute to think about it.

Anything we want – cannot happen unless we make the decision to take action and then TAKE ACTION!

This brings us back to my second stop. A far cry from the sunny beaches of CA. Why was I flying around the US? Spending time away from my business and family?

It’s simple.

Literally and symbolically I booked the ticket for a new chapter in my life. A chapter where I am leading men and training others on how to live life at the highest level and for a subset of these men, help them break free from their addictions.

This phrase is applicable at any stage of our life.

I don’t have a big strategic plan.
It’s costing me a lot of money.
I’m putting my faith and trust into the unknown.

But, I know, from repeated results, the only step that matters at this stage is step one.

Now I’ll leave you with just one statement for today. Now that I’ve booked my ticket, it’s time to go book yours.

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