Let’s be honest … the first time you lose a client, it can feel heartbreaking.

In my first few years as an agency owner, I worked with hundreds of clients, and inevitably, I lost a lot of them. Every single time, I would agonize internally, thinking, what did I do wrong?

Sometimes, there’s nothing you could’ve done to stop a client cancellation.

But most of the time, the answer to WHY your clients are leaving is actually quite simple.

No, it’s not about how good your work is. It’s not about any awards you may have won. And it’s not even about the design or creativity that you provided.

It all comes down to this one five-letter word: TRUST.

Clients leave because they lost trust. And they stay with you because they trust you as a person.

So how do you build trust?

In today’s The Creative CEO episode, we’re diving into the top three ways to build trust between you as the agency owner and your client so that you can cultivate that crucial trust factor from day one…


In this video, you will learn:

– Why saying NO is sometimes the most effective strategy to building you as the expert

– How to not be a jerk when setting expectations with your clients

– Why owning your mistakes is an essential step in communication and trust