Project Thanks

Over this week, a turkey driven holiday gets a brief moment in the air fryer before the juggernaut of Christmas flattens anything in its path.

Yesterday I struggled to find a fall greeting card. Snowflakes and snowmen were slamming my retinas from every direction. My six year old has taken up a true injustice to Thanksgiving getting skipped over, shouting “have some respect!” to those who prematurely illuminated.

Thanksgiving – and the weeks after – is when I channel no-nonsense gratitude. The extra thank you. The $20 tip on a $3 drink. Eye contact with a smile.

Giving thanks doesn’t have to be some big ordeal. Even writing about it feels a little sellout-ish, but I hope we can simplify this game to help more people know we care.

In my business – thanks is a core part of our DNA. We are sincerely thankful for our clients, our teams, and the way we’re able to impact lives with what we create at Design Pickle.

If you bounce through some of our ads comments, you’ll find a sub-culture of folks who struggle with gratitude. They are NOT thankful for much and find themselves attacking our mission.

I’m thankful for them too.

Hitting friction – be it a business challenge or an online troll – is rocket fuel for myself and my team. We are thankful because they encourage us to work harder to be the most helpful creative company in the world.

Do you have a hater in your life?
Harboring some resentment or anger?

Figure out a way to be thankful for them this week.

Gratitude is hard to sustain inside of a culture that continues to glorify people who seem anything but thankful.

How do you combat this over the next six weeks and into 2019?

Make thanks a practice of small moments and habits vs. some big gluttonous day of food consumption. Make thanks inconvenient. Go out of your way to help, donate, volunteer, listen, smile, and support.

And make sure you thank yourself too.

You’re a badass.

You’ve gotten this far – think of how much more you have to go. None of this is worth it or possible if you don’t love yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am thankful for you.

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