How hard do you hustle?

What is hustle? This photo sums it all up: Yup, that’s me, dressed as a pickle. I spent two days handing out 360 pickles, promoting our service and actually having a great time. At the time, the ICON sponsorship was more money than we had. We were less than 2 months old and barely cash flow positive. The trade show needed to result in immediate sales or we were sunk. So I did what I knew best: run around as a pickle hustling for people to sign up. I wasn’t… Read More

The concept of coaching is insane. Or so I thought.

At first glance, the concept of coaching is a bit insane. Pay $100 to $1000 an hour to talk to an individual who asks you a bunch of questions, and you end up providing most of the answers. Rarely do they have an academic degree or any certification and your outcome is anything but certain. So why hire a coach? The reality is we are completely blind to many assumptions, scripts and points of view that are obvious to a total stranger or in this case, your coach. A coach is someone… Read More

Mission, Vision, Values. Sit Back. Let’s Talk.

It’s time we talk about your values. How many times have you heard about a company’s mission, vision, and values (MVV)? If you’ve been an entrepreneur for any amount of time these terms either hit home or make you groan. Admittedly, most of us are in the latter camp. A result of one too many lame ball attempts from companies touting an MVV birthed in a sweaty corporate boardroom. Start With Why by Simon Sinek is one of the best books I’ve read that deconstructs the importance of creating your MVV from… Read More

Grow some pickles.

Last week I hosted an event with the Arizona Tech Council titled The 5 Foundations of a Profitable Creative Culture. The primary crux of the presentation was to explore how creativity can lead to real profits. When I say creativity, I don’t mean a bunch of hipsters coming up with viral YouTube videos. I mean a business culture where questions are welcomed and new ideas can be shared, fostered and ultimately implemented by anyone. The slide that garnished a fair amount of laughs — or perhaps sympathy chuckles — was this one: Grow… Read More