There can be a dark side to building an agency and entrepreneurship: non-stop stress and overwhelm.

It can feel suffocating, like a never ending loop of problems to solve and fires to put out.

Worse, sometimes the stress and overwhelm takes over all aspects of your life, keeping you away from family, friends, and loved ones (and making you question why you decided to start a business in the first place!).

I say this from experience. Because when I first encountered it, I wasn’t equipped to handle it all. And as the problems and stress compounded, I became my own worst enemy, self-destructing on multiple levels: procrastinating and stressing out at the office, and drinking too much at home.

Here’s what I know now: the stress never goes away.

There will always be problems to solve and fires to put out.

That’s why, it’s up to YOU as the business owner to change your approach and make the decision to take your power back. Here’s my top three tips to get there…

In this video, you will learn:

– Why the stress you’re feeling is NOT a result of your client work

– How to leverage a healthy body into feeling more powerful

– Why you need to look beyond the tip of the iceberg when diagnosing problems