Manage Your Focus

Yesterday I was hiking through a few inches of snow in Northern Idaho. Seeing I’m from Arizona, the novelty of snow never wears off, and I was told many times how the 38º weather was unusually “warm.” Right…

The purpose of my trip was to hammer out details on a real estate deal. In the grand scheme of things, real estate is not my focus. I am not a “real estate guy,” and I don’t plan on becoming one any time soon.

Despite my intent to not get wrapped up in real estate, this specific deal has been consuming. I am massively committed to the success of this business, despite my pickled themed businesses driving 99% of my income and freedom.

As we walked the property, filled with fresh elk prints in the snow, I had to ask myself. Why?

Why was I so focused on this new, small, and somewhat erratic business instead of my established, large, and very stable business?

I didn’t have an answer, but I bet many of you have found yourself in the exact same situation.

It is human nature to chase what we don’t have. If we’re not careful, it can destroy the very things we’ve worked hard to create.

Why do we chase the shiny object? Or in my case, the shiny project?

I’ve seen a pattern of this in my life. The real estate project, not to mention others in 2018, has most certainly impacted my focus when it comes to Design Pickle

I know I crave growth. The growth that lies inside of a new challenge is addictive. When we challenge ourselves, the amount of growth can be dramatic and exhilarating.

Because I lack significant real estate experience, this project had a steep learning curve. Tackling it head on was pure enjoyment, and I learned an immense amount through the process.

Is there a lesson here?

Do I have to seek out new projects to get the enjoyment growth delivered?

I believe the answer is yes, but I may have to trick myself in the process.

My focus is the rarest of resources I have to deploy in this life. What I focus on is what I will grow, build, destroy, or create.

Human nature is to create, and so it is easy to find a new project of creation on when our current projects slow down, or for better or for worse, our objectives are achieved.

How do we capture the thrill of a new project, but maintain our focus long enough we are able to compound our results?

My new thought on this is inspired by Steve Jobs. During a transitional time in Apple’s history, Jobs was quarantined to build something new within the confines of his company and their industry.

The result? The Macintosh.

He worked at a computer company. They needed to produce revolutionary products. Beyond this, Jobs was given total freedom to focus on what he wanted.

As we barrel towards 2019 my strategy is simple: Seek news creations, but focus it within the boundaries of Design Pickle.

Trick my mind into the thrill of starting something new, but ensure I have a strategic tie-in for our larger priorities as an established business.

What will you focus on in 2019?

How will you ensure your focus continues the momentum you’ve built in 2018?

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