How Do You Accomplish More?

A big question without a clear-cut answer. This week on date night with Mika we were discussing the concept of CAPACITY. There’s no question that as one’s capacity increases, so does their ability to accomplish more.

But what exactly is capacity?

From a technical perspective, it’s someone’s ability to do WORK.

An NFL player’s capacity is much higher than my own when it comes to the game of football.

My capacity is much higher than an NFL player with it comes to running a subscription service business (Design Pickle).

We both can do WORK, but the volume of our output is contingent on our specific capacity in that area.

Have you ever explained something you believed to be so natural or straightforward, yet it was mind-blowing to someone else?

Conversely, have you ever been dumbfounded as someone accomplished a task with grace and ease?

These moments illustrate our delta in capacity. One person’s simple is another person’s WTF.

Back to the original question, how do you accomplish more?

If you want to grow your capacity (aka do more) you have to tackle tough things in your desired area of growth.

If I want to become a better football player, I need to get out there and get smashed playing, learning, and training inside the area of football.

If I want to become a better businessman, I need to tackle the challenges in my business head on. Conflict – be it personal conflict or business conflict – is a beautiful trainer in the area of capacity growth.

A challenging conversation with a coworker creates conflict.
A challenging workout with yourself creates conflict.
Challenging a cultural or societal status quo creates conflict.

Be careful: Conflict for dramatics sake is a distraction.

Instead seek out conflict which forces a powerful decision or action, guided by your values and ethics. This is the conflict you’ll grow and learn from, in turn expanding your capacity.

Building Capacity

an image of russ and mika talking about building their capacity

There is a big catch to growing your capacity.

Most often, the area you want to grow your capacity is the wrong area to focus the majority of your growth efforts.

A few times a year I coach men and women 1-on-1. 99% of them want to grow their capacity as an entrepreneur and increase their net income. As it turns out, your capacity as a businessman or businesswoman is only as high as your capacity in the other areas of your life.

Want to make more money? Make sure your relationships at home are solid.
Want to be more fit? Make sure you’re balanced and love yourself first.
Want deeper relationships at home? Grow your take-home income.
Want a closer relationship with God? Improve the physical body he gave you.

Can you expand them all at once? Absolutely. It’s the lifestyle I practice, train, and teach on. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

Capacity is endless. That’s my last point on this. There is no limit to what can be done – the question is, are you committed and willing to do the hard work to actually get there?

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