Let’s hop on the time machine and go back … back to the beginning of my business ownership journey.

I was 22 when I launched my first creative agency. While most friends around me were interviewing with high-level companies and starting their careers, I was trying to find a solution to the necessity of freedom.

As a single dad at the young age of 22, I desperately needed time freedom. Without it, and I’d suffer in my most important life responsibility: being a dad to my newborn daughter.

Of course, as you probably already know, business ownership is not all rainbows and roses. And while some may call them failures – if you know me, you know I look at obstacles as learning opportunities and the perspective that they give you in retrospect.

Now that I’m in my thirties with over a decade-plus of multiple agency experience and now an eight-figure business owner with Design Pickle, I’d like to think that I could teach my younger self a thing or two.

That’s why in today’s video, I’m sharing the exact steps I would take if I were starting an agency from scratch as a 20-something year old (but this advice is applicable to a new agency owner of ANY age).



In this video, you will learn:


– Why it’s a big mistake to not select a niche

– The three things I’d tell young 20-something Russ to do FIRST when first starting out

– How you can leverage a technology platform to attract high-end clients in your agency


PS … this is the second episode in my new The Creative CEO series. What do you think so far? If you’re an agency owner of any size, this content is for you. Let’s scale your creative empire!