A few biographic data points…

  • My home base is Scottsdale, AZ
  • I’m married to Mika Perry and a dad to three amazing and beautiful daughters
  • I speak on the topics of living the Warriors Way, sobriety and living a life of authenticity

My active projects include…

  • Design Pickle, the #1 flat-rate graphic design service in the world
  • Comprehensive consulting as the #6 Certified Trainer inside of Wake Up Warrior
  • YesInsights, the easiest customer feedback tool in the world and company we purchased early 2017
  • Jar, An online platform to manage your team’s requests
  • The Sober Entrepreneur, my book on the lifestyle of sobriety
  • The Russ Perry Show, weekly value bomb of content, training, and creativity

2018 Targets:

  • √ Launch the Sobr brand
  • √ Climb Mt Shasta
  • San Diego 1/2 Marathon
  • √ Launch the Good To Be Home Podcast with my wife, Mika
  • Learn how to ride a horse well enough to play Polo
  • Spend 6 weeks in Europe (mainly Italy) with the entire family
  • Attend the World Cup 2018 Russia
  • Learn conversational Italian
  • 10,000 copies of the Sober Entrepreneur
  • √ Work with John Lee Dumas in San Diego
  • √ Purchase a building for Design Pickle
  • Gross $1M a month for DP

2017 Recap:

  • √ #6 Certified Trainer with Wake Up Warrior
  • √ Completed my book, The Sober Entrepreneur
  • √ Built my first home in Scottsdale
  • √ Lived in Belize for 6-weeks with the whole family
  • √ Completed the Tahoe Trail Ragnar – Got 22nd place out of 300 teams
  • √ Attended my first Dave Ramsey conference – Went to Entreleadership Summit! Epic event. Met Dave.)
  • √ Keynote Speaker at my first DCBKK in Thailand
  • √ Saw Green Day at Wrigley Field – #epic
  • √ Co-piloted the Pahrump Nugget 250 off-road race. VIDEO RECAP
  • √ 4x Design Pickle business size
  • √ Broke $500K per month in MRR