Currently, I am…

  • Living in Scottsdale, AZ (We solved our previous homeless status)
  • Being a husband to Mika Perry and a dad to my three beautiful daughters
  • Speaking on the topics of startups and being a balanced, family-focused entrepreneur

My active projects include…

  • Design Pickle, the #1 flat-rate graphic design service in the world
  • YesInsights, the easiest customer feedback tool in the world and company we purchased early 2017
  • Jar – A better way to manage your clients and their creative requests
  • Building the #1 platform for high-performing, sober individuals, The Sober Entrepreneur, including

In 2017 I’ll be…

  • Learning how to ride a horse well enough to play Polo
  • Building my first house in North Scottsdale, AZ to rectify my homeless status late-2017 Completed!
  • Racing the Tahoe Trail Ragnar √ Got 22nd place out of 300 teams
  • Aiming for 75+ miles at my second World’s Toughest Mudder
  • √ Attending my first Dave Ramsey conference (Update: Went to Entreleadership Summit! Epic event. Met Dave.)
  • Speaking at my first DCBKK in Thailand
  • Seeing Green Day at Wrigley Field #epic
  • Working with John Lee Dumas in Puerto Rico
  • Co-piloting the Pahrump Nugget 250 off-road race

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